We have well trained, experienced, motivated and loyal members of staff with very few having been with us for less than 10 years.  Our key technical staff and their qualifications are as follows:


Ronica Mandiopera (Conveyancing Secretary) 

Diploma in Secretaries Studies;
Diploma in Public Relations
LCCI; Current LLB Hons with UNISA

Felicitas Saungweme (Conveyancing Secretary)

Diploma in Secretarial Studies. Currently Studying Diploma in Applied Business Administration

Verna Zisengwe(Litigation Secretary) 

Diploma in Secretarial Studies

Currently studying a degree in Psychology
with WUA

Presley Masirero(Accountant) – Southern African Association of Accountants
(S A A A); C I S
– Bachelor of Commerce Special Honours in Accounting with G Z U


Margaret Zhungu(Conveyancing Secretary) – National Diploma in Secretaries Studies

Doreen Marevanhema(Conveyancing Secretary) – National Diploma in Secretaries Studies

Racheal Musundire (Litigation Secretary) – Diploma in Secretarial Studies
Certificate in Industrial Relations

Thamsanga Nyathi (Assistant Accountant) – National Diploma in Accounting


Samson Mutare (Assistant Accountant) – National Diploma in Accounting
– Current C I S Part C

Sheila Nhidza (Conveyancing Secretaries) – National Diploma in Secretarial Studies